QLAV � is a technically advanced, patented, personal hygiene tool designed to provide enhanced personal cleansing by providing powerful water rinsing jets to clean up after using the toilet or whenever clean fresh external personal hygiene is desired. Portable, durable, 180gm wt. Medical grade, doctor recommended hygiene.  Saves money, time, reduces toilet paper use, great for home, travel, military field use, camping, RV use, and a  Vital disaster relief item.


Like a bidet or an automatic toilet seat The QLav� allows a person to thoroughly clean one's personal areas avoiding excessive toilet paper use: saving trees, saving money and exposure to irritants.  Water based hygiene is more efficient, gentle and leaves you feeling clean and fresh, something that toilet paper cannot claim. QLAV  is a registered trademark all rights reserved.


The QLav�  Personal Hygiene System was developed to provide you with a quick, easy to use, portable, superior  alternative to toilet paper or wet wipes. 


Simple and easy to use:  one simply fills the unit with warm or cold water before going to the toilet (takes 10 sec. to fill) When you are ready for clean up you simply position the nozzle between your legs aimed at a 45 degree angle toward your bottom then squeeze the vessel to apply the power rinse. There is nothing to attach nothing to break no batteries to install, and it is inexpensive and will pay for itself in saved paper as well as time.


 This adds mechanical water rinsing to facilitate more effective and gentle cleansing. Far superior to  toilet paper alone. Users report a 50 - 75% reduction in toilet paper use and this method eliminates the need for wet wipes or similar products. Everything is rinsed front to back away from the nozzle so it never gets dirty and the rinse ends up in the toilet where it belongs.


The Qlav is intended only to facilitate and improve External Personal Hygiene. However, it has also proved to be  a great general rinsing tool that can be used to rinse anything, anytime a convienent  powered rinse down is desired--sinks, counters, toilet bowls...



The unit is approx. 12 inches high and 6 inches wide and 4 inches deep allowing for a 1100 ml (aprox. a quart) of  powerfull rinsing power. Tough and durable QLav is used by doctors, truckers, campers,   pregnant and post pregnant women, soldiers, well just about anyone.  It is especially helpful to maintain cleanliness when reccommended by a doctor for anal, rectal, and post operative conditions.


 Earth Friendly Hygiene:  In this day and age products that support conservation and a  healthier environment makes sense.  Using the Qlav�Personal Hygiene system provides  fast, thorough cleansing when a shower or bath is not available or is inconvienent


Who Can Use the QLav�   Personal Hygiene system:  The QLav�   is meant to be used while sitting on the toilet but can be carried and used when camping, boating, backpacking.. you only need to fill it with water.  *Almost everyone. 


*Specificaly:  you do need some room in front while sitting on the toilet seat (very large or obese body types may not have the space).  If you do not have hand strength the unit will still dispense  a soft flow of water  by unscrewing the fill point cap while in position. However,  the hand powered rinsing is much more effective.




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